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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Can You Say Clutz????

I am the queen of Clutz Land! I managed on Monday morning, while drying my hair, to bonk myself in the eye with of all things, my hairbrush. To reward myself for this graceful action, I came away with an all expense paid trip to the eye doctor, a swollen eyelid, and an abrasion on my cornea. He examined my eye and dilated my pupil. Gave me some antibiotic drops and sent me on my way to return the next day for a re-check. Well, well, imagine my shock when I got out of bed on Tuesday, alas, my eye did feel better, only to look in the mirror to find my pupil fully dilated STILL! I am some freak of nature that two full days after my pupil was dilated, it is still huge! It is beginning to come down, thank heavens! that is off my chest.

Prior to my poetry in motion incident drying my hair, I did manage to start a project the end of last week. SHHHHHH! I can't say what it is............she might be reading. I can't wait till I can see clearly enough to pick it back up again.

Mother's Day was rather quiet in my house. I got what I wanted MP3 player, now I don't have to swipe my kids when I go for a walk! Played with it on Mother's day and did manage to load about 400 songs on it. That should keep me busy for a while!

This past weekend was the Relay for Life, which is an American Cancer Society all night walk-a-thon at the local high school's track. This was the second year I participated in it. It is a great time for an equally great cause! Our team raised almost $5,000 YEA!

That is about it, didn't want you to think I fell off the BLOG planet. Can't wait to be able to see well enough to start stitching, hopefully by the end of the week! YIPPIE!!!!

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Can You Stand Some Bragging???

I've truly been a slug with posting!! I guess because there is not any new stitching to report. So I'll show off a couple pictures of my family. Here are the two loves of my life.Image Hosted by Andrew is 14 1/2 and the little guy, Ryan will be 11 in a few days. They make me laugh, very proud, sometimes annoyed, and incredibly busy. Andrew has turned out to be my clone in so many ways. Personality, absolutely looks, and there is no doubt, his sense of humor. Ryan does resemble me more than my husband, but you really don't look at him and think gee, he looks like his mom. He has some of what I consider my worst personality traits, he is incredibly stubborn! Not sure where he gets this, but he sees things as very black and white. One of the best ways to describe him is "no grey", which we say often. But he is also kind and loving, will defend his friends to the end, and no one gives hugs like him!!

Here is my furry little boy, Fenway Image Hosted by I grew up my whole life with many animals, and many dogs. He has to be one of the best I've every had. He's a big teddy bear, who loves to snuggle up to you!

I consider myself very blessed with my family, my "sister" Cathy who is absolutely my family!! Great people who I have the privilege to call my friends, you know who you are!!!

I am hoping to get my act in gear this weekend and pick up some stitching!!! I will be hosting an open house tomorrow at house in Union Beach NJ, anyone looking for some beach area property in NJ?????? I am hoping I might be able to do some there if it isn't too busy. It is suppose to be a glorious weekend here weather wise, minus the bugs, and the mass quantities of pollen (yuck, we are all suffering in my house). Wishing you all a great weekend!


Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Here as I promised (I hope) is a picture of the San Man Original season freebie that I recently finished.
Wow I am so impressed with myself....I actually DID IT!!!! I also added a flickr, please take a look. Again, I am so proud of myself. I just need to add the four little charms to the corners of this little cutie and frame it! I thought this design was soooooooooo cute. I started it right before Cathy and I went away for our girls weekend away, and I worked on it quite a bit while we were snowed in ;) Finished it not too long after we got back. Cathy helped me pick out some charms for the corners while she was here last week. Was that just last week???? Was our weekend away just over two months ago?? Feels like forever ago!!! Cathy will attest to that! Somehow time certainly flies by when we are together. A day at work just is not in the same time/space continuim as when we spend a day together. I am convinced that time stops at work, but it somehow races by much too fast when Cathy and I are together.

I am completely undecided as to what project to start next. I have enough projects that I would love to make to last three life times. There are days that stretch into weeks, that I get no stitching at all accomplished. I really need to make myself pick up a project while I'm sitting at night, instead of being a human potato. That is the world according to me for this evening.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Welcome to my BLOG!

This is my first adventure into blogging!! I am really new to this, so please be patient with me. I am the very proud mom to two boys ages 14 and almost 11. They keep me incredibly busy. I love to do counted cross stitch. Most of my projects I give as gifts. Up until about two years ago, I never took pictures of the many projects I have gifted to family and friends. I wish I had done that all along. I have just finished a really cute seasonal freebie from SanManOriginals, I finally made something for myself YEA! As soon as I master the posting of pictures I will post it. Now I need to decide what to start next, decisions, decisions!

My sister and two nieces just finished a visit to me. They left this morning and I am very sad :( She (Cathy) is the one who got me started on my blog. Many thanks Cath!!!!!! I look forward to posting works in progress, and finishes. That's about it for now!


Friday, April 21, 2006

Six Unusual Things About Me

  1. I met my best friend when I was four years old. She is still my best friend, over the years she has become so much more. From a very young age we felt that we were "Sisters of the Heart". She is my SISTER, which is how we have referred to each other for years.
  2. When I was eight years old, I fell on a pitch fork and it went through my foot. I still have the scar, even though I am just slightly older ;)
  3. I have a strange fascination with the Statue of Liberty. Have had it since I was a little girl, when we visited New York City. One of these days I just might have to immortalize her in cross stitch.
  4. When I was a little girl, I was drinking out of a cup with a straw built in, and sucked a "pinchy bug" into my mouth from the cup. Till this day, I am terrified of crawly bugs! Flying ones really don't bother me, but creepy crawlers are another story.
  5. People that I hardly know tend to tell me their innermost secrets and problems. Not sure if this is a curse or blessing.
  6. Ok, I'll admit it, I love to eat Twisted Cheetos with my everything bagels. I know that is strange, but don't knock it till you've tried it.